First team $80 and second team $40, Vintage $70. An additional $20 NMSSA Fee will applied for insurance. Insurance is paid annually. 

MVSL will print the rosters, NO MORE PLAYER'S CARDSNo printing required anymore.

How to add players to roster:

1. Click on the registration link and follow the steps to register.

2. Have the player pay (either on-line or give you a check or cash).

3. Player must also go to the NMSSA Player Fee Link above to pay insurance directly to the state. This process will also include the waiver portion of registration. The insurance will need to be paid annually. If you have questions about when you last paid your insurance, please reach out to the Registrar. A player will only be added to the roster once both the registation and insurance has been paid.

4. Email the registrar, Ana Ostos, at

Your subject line should have the following: Team Name - Division - New Player Registration (ex, Motley Crew - Women's Over 30 - New Player Registration)

In the body of the email you must include the following,


Your player needs to make sure the name on the roster matches the name on the registration payment or insurance payment that was made

5. If within 2-3 business days, they are not approved on your roster, you may reach out to Ana again for an update